Journal articles

Poppels, T. & Kehler, A. (in press). Reconsidering Asymmetries in Voice-Mismatched Verb Phrase Ellipsis. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics. [PDF] [Data respository]

von der Malsburg, T., Poppels, T., & Levy, R. (under review). Implicit Gender Bias in Linguistic Descriptions for Expected Events. Psychological Science; Pre-Print Available at \url{}. [PDF]

Poppels, T. & Levy, R. (in prep). Quantity and Informativeness in the Rational Speech Act Model: The Resolution of Multiple Implicature-Driving Forces.

Conference proceedings

Poppels, T. & Kehler, A. (2017). Overcoming the Identity Crisis: Novel Evidence for a Referential Theory of Verb Phrase Ellipsis. In Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society. [PDF]

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